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A podcast about board gaming, gaming culture, and the people involved. Let's talk about the best parts of gaming! We're going to shine a spotlight on all games and gaming-adjacent topics that make us feel happy and proud to be part of this community.
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Apr 3, 2017

Erin, Adrienne, and Nicole talk about unpacking the pile of gaming shame - from unplayed games to guilty pleasures to Kickstarter hits.

Mar 6, 2017

Adrienne, Nicole, and Erin are joined by Pep MacDonald of Watch It Played to talk about teaching games!





Snails AKA Nature's Turtles!


Feb 15, 2017

A short interlude between episodes of Greatway Games. Listen to hear what we've been playing and what we think of some recent board gaming news. 

We've also announced the winner of the Stardew Valley competition!


And here's the link we mention in the podcast:

Feb 6, 2017

This month Erin, Adrienne and Nicole take a trip into the comfort zone. We chat about what our personal comfort zones and gaming comfort zones are, a bit about where teaching games fits into that, comfort zones at gaming events, and how to go outside our comfort zones. And as always, we have pet corner, and what’s making us happy this week!

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Jan 2, 2017

Adrienne, Erin, and Nicole are joined by Courtney of the Bonus Round Game Cafe to talk about game-ish resolutions and how to start or join a game group near you! 


Also, we have a contest running! Click here to enter to win a copy of Stardew Valley, our favorite video game of 2016.


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Dec 6, 2016

Erin, Nicole, and Adrienne talk about gaming over the holiday season. How do you play games with your family? What are some great games to bring home for the holidays, or to share with the non-gamer folks in your life? 

Nov 7, 2016

Nicole, Adrienne, and Erin kick of Greatway Games with one of our favorite things about gaming - conventions! We talk all about our favorite cons, our best convention experience, and how attending conventions has changed our gaming lives. 


Then, of course, we talk about our pets.

Oct 26, 2016

Adrienne, Nicole, and Erin lay out the plan for Greatway Games, a new podcast discussing the best parts of board games and board game culture. We're going to be coming at you monthly with a positive spin on what's happening in the gaming world!



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